Why Insurance Wholesalers Should Host Their Own Online Trade Shows

Sure, large insurance companies can get a lot from hosting an online trade show. But individual wholesale insurance brokers should seriously consider this option as well. A virtual trade show can be designed to fit any budget—and individual wholesalers could gain a great deal from even one show. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering.

Highlight the products you work with.

An online trade show is a great place to show insurance agents the full range of insurance products you work with—and have expertise in. While a webinar shows insurance agents one aspect of your expertise in depth, a trade show gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your full range of expertise.

Bring insurance agents and companies together.

Your virtual trade show can be a place where insurance agents make connections with the companies you work with—and demonstrate your value as a connection to both of them. Your insurance agents will see the wealth of insurance products you have expertise in and companies you work with, and your companies will see that you have an active, productive pipeline for bringing them new business.

Raise your profile in the industry.

If you host an online trade show, you’ll get the attention of companies and insurance agents throughout the industry—even those you don’t work with currently. This will no doubt raise your profile in the insurance sector, boost your credibility, put your expertise top-of-mind for many insurance agents, and ultimately expand your business base.

Identify promising prospects.

Online trade show software platforms offer automatic data collection that lets you not only gather the contact information of attendees for your own marketing efforts, but also assess your audience—who’s attending, which virtual booths were the most “crowded,” where the interest in the industry lies, and more valuable information that will help you refine your promotional and outreach efforts.

Drive new business.

Ultimately, a virtual trade show will help you expand your business—both indirectly by building your stature in the industry and serving as a valuable point of connection between insurance agents and companies, and directly by giving you a wealth of marketing data to use.

Virtual trade shows offer plenty of benefits—from opportunities to make valuable connections to the chance to demonstrate your value to both insurance companies and agents through your audience and place in the industry. With an online trade show, as an insurance wholesaler, you can attract audiences from all over the country—and benefit your business by doing it.

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