Why Insurance HR Departments Need Online Training

Online events are a powerful item in the arsenal of any insurance HR department. They’re affordable, time-efficient, and ideal for organizations that have employees working all over the country—and need to react quickly in a heavily regulated environment. But they’re not just great for training. Here are a few ways your HR department could benefit from an online event.

They’re ideal recruitment tools.

Online events can be used as career fairs—a way to cost-effectively reach talented potential employees from anywhere in the world. With an in-person career fair, you’re limited in your reach to the prospects who are not geographically limited in attendance—and who have the time to attend. With online events, even top talent who are already fully employed have more time and flexibility to attend—boosting the likelihood that you’ll attract these types of candidates.

They’re perfect for online training.

Insurance is a strongly regulated industry—and legislative changes that affect insurance products and services are frequent. The HR department of nationwide insurance companies needs to make sure all agents are on board with the new changes, quickly—even though they work across the country. Online training events make it easy—and cost-efficient—to educate a nationwide sales force in new regulatory developments that affect the insurance products they sell.

They make onboarding a breeze.

Forget about having large in-person onboarding events—especially if your insurance agents are geographically spread out and if your company has relatively high turnover. Put your entire on-boarding process online, with webinars from your trainers on the insurance products you sell and important information about working with your company, as well as employee information each new hire should know. This will reduce your training costs and the number of staff that needs to be tied up with running a large in-person onboarding event.

They boost employee engagement.

With online events, you can bring your insurance agents together from disparate places throughout the country to educate them about new products and give them opportunities for development, sales training, and more. Online training programs give you the opportunity to more cost-effectively support a geographically diverse workforce.

It’s easier to get support from your boss.

Online events are affordable and easy on your department’s bottom line. They are also easy to attend without taking time off work or paying travel expenses, and lend themselves well to reaching a workforce located all over the country in an efficient, effective way. This is an easy sell to your superiors—and a great way to improve the HR department’s support of its staff.

If you’re considering implementing online training, career fairs, and other events at your HR office, there are plenty of reasons to. They remove geographical limits to attracting the best candidates, they streamline essential training for legal compliance issues, and they help you support your nationwide staff in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. For all these reasons, your employees will love online events—and so will you.

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