Wholesale Insurance Brokers: Should You Run a Webinar?

Webinars are ideal for those who are looking to showcase their expertise in order to build their business—including wholesale insurance brokers. Here are just a few good things webinars can bring to your business.

Reasons to Run a Webinar

  • To show your expertise—and the products you represent.
    Wholesale insurance brokers form partnerships with insurance agents based on the specialized expertise they have. Agents will want to know what you offer in terms of products and connections to companies they want to work with—and whether your product offerings fit with their customers. A webinar is a perfect way to highlight the products you work with, several at a time or individually.
  • To collect lucrative leads.
    Anyone who voluntarily sits down to attend a webinar has demonstrated strong interest in that subject. With webinars, you can figure out who’s interested in the products you sell—and which products generate the most interest. That’s valuable knowledge for marketing purposes.
  • To grow your business.
    The connections you make via webinars could translate into more business for you—and eventually, this is very likely. Webinars demonstrate the expertise and product knowledge insurance agents are looking for, and chances are some will come back to use your services.
  • To facilitate communications between insurance agents and companies.
    The specialized carriers you work with may have specific wants and needs when it comes to how insurance agents submit their business. As a wholesale insurance broker, you can be an intermediary between the two, helping newer insurance agents master the ins and outs of submitting.

How to Make It Successful

  • Be sure it’s promoted.
    Mention it on social media, make it an excuse to send out an email newsletter or postcard, and put it in front of the audiences who are likely to want to see it.
  • Don’t charge money.
    Especially if you’re just starting out with webinars, it’s unlikely you’ll get a big signup list if you’re charging. The point isn’t to make money with the webinar itself—it’s to collect promising leads and establish new relationships with insurance partners. Be sure your promotional materials highlight that your webinars are free.
  • Get the data.
    You can deliver your webinars on a software platform—like the one we use—that lets you automatically collect contact information as well as track the number of people attended each webinar, and detailed information about demographics. You’ll not only be able to contact the members of your audience afterward; you’ll also learn valuable things about your target market that you can use to refine your messaging.
  • Set a limit on attendance.
    If you limit your seating—tell your attendees that you can only allow a certain number of audience members—you’ll create a sense of urgency, which will up your demand. It will also give your webinar a sense of exclusivity. Finally, it will show that you are dedicated to talking to attendees and answering questions—rather than simply presenting.

Webinars can help you showcase your expertise, make connections with new business partners, and grow your revenue. With a series of webinars on your website, you’re sure to get new business—and forge new partnerships.

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