What You Title Your Webinar Matters. Write a Title that Grabs Attention

A lot of different factors can affect your webinar attendance numbers. The way you market and publicize, the topic you choose and the co-presenters you work with can all help raise your profile. But what you title your webinar matters too—often more than you’d think. The webinar title tells your audience what they can expect to get out of attending, and it can make the difference between a well-attended webinar and one that fails to attract a large crowd, even with a well-chosen topic and a great marketing campaign behind it.

Here are a few ideas for making sure that your webinar title is working as hard as it can to bring in a large audience.

Start strong. Start your webinar title with an action-oriented word. Words like “Raise,” “Grow,” “Lift,” “Solve,” or “Prepare” can all help your audience see what they’ll be able to do after watching your webinar—giving them a strong reason to attend. Strong, one- or two-syllable verbs start your webinar title off with a powerful, eye-catching concept that can draw your audience in—if it’s tailored to what they need.

Solve a problem. Show your audience how watching your webinar will help them learn how to solve a specific problem. The key is demonstrating a tangible benefit to attending—the more clearly you can show what your audience will get out of the session, the more people will be inspired to attend.

Target your audience. Of course, neither of the two techniques above will work well if your title isn’t specifically targeted to an urgent or important problem that your audience faces. Be sure your overall topic deals with knowledge your audience needs, and that your title clearly communicates that. In addition, be sure your language lines up with the tone and wording this audience uses.

Use keyword research. Use a keyword research tool such as the Google Keyword Planner to find out what keywords people are looking for in search engines around the topic of your webinar. The answers can sometimes surprise you—and using a keyword in your title can improve its visibility in search engines. Look for a keyphrase that has a relatively high number of people searching for it, paired with a low to moderate amount of competition from other sites.

Your audience has a lot of options for how they spend their time online—and your webinar has to both promise and deliver to get attention. Your title should make a promise they can’t help but accept, and your content should deliver information of value. With these two elements working in tandem, you should be able to produce highly successful webinars that both pull in large audiences and convert them into leads.


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