Tips for Promoting Your Webinar on Social Media

When it comes to getting the word out about your webinar, social media is your secret weapon. Chances are, your target audience hangs out on more than one social media platform—whether that’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere else—multiple times a day. Here are a few tips for reaching them.

Know where to find them. Unless you have a staff, chances are your time to promote is limited. So pick the social media platform that gives you the most bang for your buck. It helps to know which one your target audience spends the most time on. A more business-oriented audience generally hangs out more on LinkedIn, for example—but every industry and audience is different.

Make it easy to share your webinar. Add social sharing buttons to the page for webinar registration, your thank you page, and any blog posts that talk about the webinar. That makes it easy for people to help you spread the message.

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Get started at least three weeks beforehand. Across all the social media platforms you use, start posting teaser messages with short, compelling copy—each expressing a benefit of tuning into your webinar. Everyone feels pressed for time—so make sure they know what they’re getting out of attending. Don’t forget to include relevant details such as the time, date, and a link to your registration page.

Avoid repeating yourself. It might be tempting to save time by simply recycling the same post across different platforms, or several times per day or week on the same platform. Don’t do this. People will notice, and it’s not as effective as varying your message. In addition, different styles and lengths work better on different platforms.

Incorporate hashtags during your webinar. Engage your audience in real time—and get some publicity and conversation going—by encouraging them to talk about the webinar and their reaction to it while it’s happening. Offer a specific hashtag everyone can use in their posts—and publicize it so people who aren’t attending can follow along.


Social media can work wonders in getting your message out there—and building your audience. Start relatively early, make sure your messages clearly express the benefits of what attendees will learn, and facilitate interactive conversation during the webinar in real time. These and other measures will help you build your audience and generate attention on social media.

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