Three Secrets of Successful Webinar Promotion

You’ve done the work, picked the perfect topic, and have designed an interactive webinar that you’re sure will blow away your audience. Now the only thing you need to do is make sure they know about it.

Even if you have an outstanding webinar, your promotion strategy needs to be equally good in order to make sure it reaches the audience it deserves. Here are a few tips for making sure your audience shows up on launch day.

Be Strategic About Time of Day

Timing makes a big difference when you’re planning your webinar promotion. This includes both the timing of your promotion plan, and the day and time that various emails go out.

According to GoToWebinar, the most optimal day to ask for registrations is a Tuesday. Approximately 24% of total webinar registrations occur on that day. Mornings are also a good time to send out those emails—with the highest volume occurring between 8 and 10 AM.

Of course, a lot of this will depend on your industry and time zone—so make sure to do your research in this area. A certain amount of experimentation may be necessary.

Promote Across Various Platforms—Especially Email

You should make sure your webinar ad is front and center across all your social media platforms and on your website—leading to a landing page with strong copy that outlines the benefits people will get from signing up.

Email is an especially important tool for driving registrations.  Generally, it’s good to plan out your email promotions starting about a month before your webinar, and increase the frequency of emails as you get closer to the date.

Many people sign up the week of and even the day of a live event—so don’t forget to do last-minute promotions even an hour before the webinar starts.

Get Influencer Buy-In

Who are the biggest influencers in your space who could help get your message out to more people? Bringing a high-profile partner on board to talk about your webinar can vastly increase the reach of your message.

It’s crucial to work with an influencer with the same audience you have, and to make your promotion easy for them to incorporate on their own social media channels. Providing your own branded imagery, post text, and registration link will help streamline the process for them.

Streamline Registrations

Your registration page should be working hard to gather as many sign-ups as possible. Your copy should concisely explain what people will gain by watching your webinar.

Consider benefits that will appeal to them most, and keep the focus on them and what they’ll learn. It’s also a good idea to make the sign-up process simple, with as few fields to fill out as possible.

Your strategy for promoting your webinar is just as important as the topic, production value, visuals, and other components. Get the timing right, promote across all your platforms, build industry partnerships that can amplify your voice, and make sure your registration page is working as hard as possible—and you should see success.

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