Should You Train Your Employees Using Webinars?

When the well-being of your business is at stake, it’s essential that you choose the right training methods and tools to ensure your employees learn key information as quickly and as well as possible. While all methods have their advantages and drawbacks, there are a few clear benefits to using webinars as a training tool. These include:

Flexibility. Your team members don’t need to be in a specific place to access training, and they don’t need to go through all the training at once. With a webinar, learners can go at their own pace, write down and practice new concepts as they need to, and pick up where they left off.

Time efficiency. Team members don’t have to take time out of their workday to attend a training—they can pick up the training whenever they have an extra minute. In addition, attendees don’t have to spend time traveling to attend webinars.

Cost efficiency. It is much less costly to pull together a webinar than it is to host regular trainings. Travel and hotel costs, as well as all the expenses of hosting the training, are nonexistent with webinars. You won’t have to hire a trainer more than once—unless you need to update your materials.

Opportunities for engagement. One of the misconceptions about webinars is that they constitute passive learning. Nothing could be further from the truth; today’s webinars are designed to be interactive and to draw students into hands-on learning. They make it easy for complex concepts to be simplified into smaller units, and presented in a number of different formats that engage people of varying learning types.

Continuing accessibility. You can only attend an in-person training session once. Webinars allow learners to access the information over and over, whenever it’s needed. Employees can re-watch or re-read only the section of the class that’s pertinent to them; they can fast-forward and rewind as many times as needed. This means they can keep learning after the class is done—and review easily at any time.

Webinars are an excellent way to train your staff—even team members in far-flung countries and time zones—in complex concepts. Design one set of webinars for on-boarding your employees, and you won’t have to lead a training again until it’s time to update the content. Employees have more flexibly to train, constant accessibility, and no need to take time out of the workday to travel to a training session. Webinars are a win-win, both for your company and its employees.

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