Promote Your Webinar After You Broadcast: Six Tips

It’s essential to promote your webinar before you broadcast. But the work doesn’t end on the big day. Webinars are also valuable promotional materials well after the promotion date. Here are a few ideas for getting all the marketing value possible out of every webinar you produce—even after the fact.

Social media. Plan out the hashtags you’ll use to market your webinar—even after the event. Hashtags can keep the conversation going long after your webinar is broadcast, and if the topic is attention-grabbing enough, it may even gain a much wider audience than your original broadcast got.

Your website. Your webinars can be posted in a prominent place on your website—on their own dedicated landing page, with an announcement on the sidebar, header, or other prominent places elsewhere on the site. A dedicated page for each webinar is ideal for gaining search traffic and crafting new marketing campaigns around.

Your blog. You’ll definitely post about your webinar before it happens—but you can also post after. There are a number of ways you can repurpose and capitalize on the content of your webinar. Put together a short interview for the presenter so readers can see the kind of benefit they’d get out of watching. You can write articles expanding on or highlighting topics brought up in the webinar, or repurpose the transcript—all with a link to the webinar in the post.

Post-event wrap-up. Broadcast a wrap-up episode on Periscope, a podcast, or a live-streaming tool. Host a quick, minute-long discussion on the topic and post it online, with a link to the full-length webinar. This can be a great way to grab the attention of people who missed the original broadcast day.

Your signature line. You can post a link to the webinar in your email subject line, at the end of your email marketing pieces, and in other communications for a long time after the broadcast. This can help generate traffic long after the event.

A guest post. Guest posting can generate attention long after the event is over. Choose a blog or website that caters to the audience you want to attract. If you did the presentation with another speaker, encourage that person to post themselves or write a post for them. Offer a post with lots of valuable information—delve deeper into a topic you addressed in the webinar—and link to it at the end so visitors can watch.

Promoting the webinar before the event is crucial—but it can be just as important to drive marketing and promotion after the event. Consider multiple platforms—including your blog and website, social media, email signature lines, and other forms of promotion—and you should be able to generate traffic and attention long after the broadcast day.


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