Virtual Training Events

  • Training Your Staff Has Never Been Easier

    Or More Cost-Effective

    Whether you have a nationwide network of employees who need training—or are looking for a better way to on-board new staff—virtual training programs are an effective, efficient, and affordable solution.

    • webcasting-monitorCustomize your training. Develop, deploy, and target your training program to suit your organizational needs. We’ll help.
    • Reduce the time to train. Virtual training programs are more efficient and flexible than in-person training—and employees can train without taking time off work.
    • Reduce travel costs. If you’ve been sending your top trainers around the country or around the world to reach your employees, don’t. Do it online instead.
    • Improve effectiveness. Our virtual training platforms track valuable data that can help you determine—and improve—your program’s effectiveness.
    • Keep your digital classrooms open 24/7.  Who says your training needs a start and end date? Virtual training programs can be ongoing and continuous—ideal for companies that on-board employees on a regular basis.

  • We Make It Foolproof

    Our turnkey solution makes developing a new virtual training program easy—no matter the size of your organization.

    • Customize a Platform
      We’ll build and deploy a robust, customized virtual training environment based on the needs of your company and employees.
    • Develop and Fine-Tune Your Content
      We’ll help you break down key information into high-impact training modules—and organize all your information easily.
    • Train Your Trainers
      We’ll connect with the best people in your organization to serve as trainers—and work with them to enhance their delivery.
    • Implement a Solution
      We’ll take the lead on rolling out your new training program—to employees across the country or around the world.

Online Training PackagesWe offer a range of online training solutions based on your needs and the size of your budget.

Setup Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish Schedule

Intermediate Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Training Guideline

Full-Service Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Training Guideline
  • Design Training Collateral
  • Configure Pre-Show Site & Live Show
  • Provide Overview Video
  • Technical Support for Live Event
  • Webinar Training

  • We Know Online Events, Training, and Trade Shows
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