Virtual Trade Shows

  • Expand Your Reach with Online Trade Shows

    Virtual trade shows are cost-effective and convenient to attend—attracting attendees and exhibitors from all over the world.

    If you’re looking to bring together your industry’s most important leaders, innovators, and buyers—and generate plenty of lucrative leads while you’re at it—it all starts here.

    • Virtual Trade Show Product DemoBring people together. Online trade shows bring together visitors and exhibitors from around the world, creating dynamic online communities that foster both social and commercial exchange.
    • Drive traffic and SEO. Virtual trade shows attract industry attention—and present a wealth of opportunities for promotion. With multimedia content, targeted online advertising, and social media promotions, you’ll boost your company or organization’s rank and standing in your industry—and with search engines.
    • Generate revenue. You love your industry—but you’re not just in it for the passion. You also care about the bottom line. Virtual trade shows offer serious opportunities for revenue from: Fees from exhibitors and vendors, sponsorship opportunities, and online advertisers.
    • Get to Know Your Attendees. Our virtual trade show platforms offer robust data analytics that help you keep up with your audience. Drill down for an in-depth look at who your visitors are and what they respond to—and market the same powerful analytic tools to exhibitors.

  • We’ll Handle the Heavy Lifting

    We’ll take the lead on preparing and launching your next show—and making sure it has an impact. With over 25 years in sales and marketing with a focus on virtual trade shows, we’ve got you covered.

    • An event platform tailored to your needs.
      We’ll build and deploy a custom online event space based on leading event software. Our virtual trade show spaces are welcoming, attractive, and easy to navigate for vendors, attendees, and your staff.
    • We’ll take it from setup to launch.
      From your exhibitors’ content to your marketing and messaging, we’ll handle all aspects of setup—so you don’t have to.
    • Marketing guidance.
      We’re marketing and advertising professionals—with extensive experience getting results in the digital space. We can help you promote your event—and get noticed.

Online Trade Shows PackagesWe offer a range of options for events of all sizes and budgets.

Setup Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish Schedule

Intermediate Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline

Full-Service Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline
  • Implement Marketing
  • Design Marketing Collateral
  • Configure Pre-Show Site & Live Show
  • Provide Overview Video
  • Technical Support for Live Event
  • Webinar Training