Virtual Events for Insurance Associations

  • Take Your Trade Show Online

    And Send Attendance Through the Roof

    Noticed a drop in attendance at insurance trade shows? You’re not alone. Agents, brokers, and vendors are having more difficulty than ever finding the time and budget to travel and attend.

    But the demand is still there. Insurance agents, brokers, wholesalers, and companies still need to connect with each other—it’s vital to their business.

    Make it easy for them. Give them a trade show they can attend at a reasonable cost and easily—without leaving the office.

  • 5 Reasons Your Members Will Love Your Virtual Trade Show

    • It’s Affordable. No need to pay for hotel rooms or plane tickets.
    • It’s Convenient. No need to take time out of the office to travel.
    • It’s Close. As close as their home or office Internet connection.
    • It’s Efficient. The industry connections your members need—and instant access.
    • It Delivers. Engaged leads, new business, and real opportunities for exhibitors.

  • More Attendees—and Better Data—for Your Exhibitors

    What are the barriers that keep insurance producers from attending a trade show? Cost, time, convenience, and value. Remove those barriers, and attendance rises. This will make your exhibitors happy—they’ll have a crowd of attendees to connect with their products.

    But we offer more for your exhibitors than a crowd of interested leads. We run our trade shows on robust, powerful software platforms that let your vendors get the most from every contact they make.

    Our programs make it easy for your exhibitors to collect data on attendees—as well as permission to market. Even better, exhibitors can drill down to learn more about the leads and demographics who showed the most interest in their products.

  • We’ll Take Care of Everything

    We offer more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry—including marketing and promotions for insurance agents, brokers, wholesalers, companies, and associations.

    We’ll be your partner in planning, running, and managing your virtual trade show. We know your attendee and vendor markets inside and out. We take the guesswork out of ensuring a successful online trade show experience for everyone.

    • We bring the space.
      We’ll customize the virtual show space based on your market and preferences.
    • We guide your marketing.
      With decades of experience marketing in the insurance industry, we’ll help guide your promotion strategy—including social media and more traditional platforms.
    • We bring it together.
      We’ll consult with you to establish a strategy for attendance, promotion, and more based on your budget, as well as the needs of your exhibitors and attendees.

Online Events PackagesWe offer a range of options for events of all sizes and budgets.

Setup Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish Schedule

Intermediate Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline

Full-Service Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline
  • Implement Marketing
  • Design Marketing Collateral
  • Configure Pre-Show Site & Live Show
  • Provide Overview Video
  • Technical Support for Live Event
  • Webinar Training