Virtual Career Fairs

  • Transform Your Employee Search & Recruit the Best

    Traditional career fairs have one big drawback: applicants have to travel to get there.

    Cost of travel can be prohibitive; and some of the best talent might be too busy at their current jobs to take the time off. The result? You could be stuck choosing from a limited pool.

    Online career fairs let you attract the best—from across the country and all over the world. No cost for airfare and hotels; no need for attendees to take time off work. With virtual career fairs, you’ll get a wider pool of high-quality applicants to choose from—and better options for filling open positions.

Why Should Your Next Career Fair Be Online?

    • It costs less. No need to rent a venue or pay for transportation or food.
    • It’s more efficient. Your recruiters can attend without leaving the office.
    • You’ll attract better applicants. Attract the best people from the job—from all over the world.
    • You’ll get data. Our virtual event software collects valuable data about who attends, where they spend the most time, and who they talk to—data that lets you assess and improve your recruitment.

  • Let Us Take Care of Everything

    We’ll set up all aspects of your next virtual career fair—from planning to execution.

    • Customized Event Platform
      We’ll build and customize an easy-to-navigate online environment that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.
    • Consultation on Video Presentation
      Need to make recruitment videos? We’ll train your presenters and develop your graphics.
    • Advice on Marketing
      With over 25 years of experience in marketing, we’ll guide your promotional efforts on both traditional and new media platforms.

Online Career Fairs PackagesSeveral options for a wide range of webinar development needs and budgets.

Setup Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish Schedule

Intermediate Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline

Full-Service Package

  • Set Up Software
  • Train Staff
  • Establish & Manage Schedule
  • Create Marketing Outline
  • Implement Marketing
  • Design Marketing Collateral
  • Configure Pre-Show Site & Live Show
  • Provide Overview Video
  • Technical Support for Live Event
  • Webinar Training

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