Online Career Fairs Are a Great Way to Recruit–Here’s Why

If you’re looking to recruit new talent for your company, you could go to a career fair in person. These are a great idea, and can be very effective for a lot of companies. But it’s not your only option. Online career fairs are becoming more popular in a wide range of industries, from insurance to academics and beyond. Here are a few reasons why an online career fair makes an excellent addition to any company’s recruitment strategy.

Fewer barriers to attendance.

If you’re only using in-person career fairs, you could be missing out on some of the best candidates out there—the ones who already have a job. Sometimes the best candidates are already employed. Sure, they might be looking—but it’s tough to take time off and fly across the country or drive across the state to attend a job fair in person. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested, though.

Online career fairs are easier to attend—no travel costs, no hotel costs, no need to take time off work. This means a higher number of applicants will be able to come—and, quite possibly, a higher caliber of applicants.

Reduced costs for the company.

Online career fairs are more affordable for the attendees, but they’re also less costly for companies. If you’re hosting, you don’t have the kind of space and logistical costs you would with an in-person event. No need to pay for employee travel or hotel costs, buy a booth, or have hard-copy marketing materials printed. Online career fairs are economically efficient in a variety of ways.

More flexibility in attendance.

You don’t have to travel to attend an online job fair—which means it doesn’t necessarily have to take up your whole day. You could switch off attending your virtual “booth” and chatting with applicants with others at your company, and you won’t be at a different location the whole day regardless of the schedule. You’ll be in your normal workplace and able to get work done—a much more efficient situation.

Easy data collection.

Collecting data on your attendees is easy with online career fairs. The platform you use will usually include tools that allow you to gauge which demographics show the most interest in what your company offers, which aspects and positions attract the most notice, and trends to help you attract the best-quality applicants.

Online career fairs can be used on their own, or as a supplement to a broader recruitment strategy that also includes in-person events and other outreach efforts. They are, however, absolutely essential for attracting high-quality applicants without the barriers of cost, travel, and time that exist with an in-person event.

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