Increase Your Webinar Sign-Ups in Five Easy Steps

Webinars are a very effective way to generate leads—and drive revenue. But it’s not always easy to get the number of signups you want, especially if you’re just getting started. Here are a few ways to increase the number of signups to your webinar.

Be sure you have the right content. The content you offer in your webinar should be highly relevant to the problems your prospects face every day; it should offer an innovative, non-obvious way to solve one of those problems. The emphasis should be entirely educational—avoid all hints of a sales pitch. Provide information your audience needs and can’t readily find.

Send personalized invites and well-timed reminders. Use your lead management software or CRM to divide your email lists by type of prospect and other demographics if necessary. Send a personalized message crafted to each demographic, showing them how the webinar speaks to their specific needs. Then send regular, timely emails reminding them about the signup.

Offer an exclusive giveaway. Hopefully, the benefits of attending your webinar will be strong enough to attract signups on their own. But you can boost your signup rate significantly by offering something exclusively to webinar attendees—for example, an e-book, white paper, individual consultation, or something else you would normally charge for.

Promote your webinar in other marketing communications. Be sure to include small blurbs and promotions advertising your webinar in all your other email communications. Feature it on your website. Announce it regularly across your social media platforms. Include it in your email signature. Be sure that whenever you’re communicating with your audience—whether that’s in emails, on social media, or in marketing communications—you’re mentioning the webinar. It’s important to track where your signups are coming from, as well—so you know which methods for spreading the word are working best.

Write (and test) an outstanding landing page. When a prospect clicks through on a link to your webinar, they demonstrate their interest. Where they land next is crucial to getting them to sign up. Your landing page needs to be optimized to encourage conversion, with strong copy that clearly demonstrates what the prospect will get for signing up. It’s important to test various parts of your landing page—from colors to calls to action, which benefits are most effective in encouraging signup, the signup button and placement of different page elements. Continuous A/B testing is a key component in helping you make your landing page as effective as possible.

Even if you have a decent volume of signups for your webinar, you can increase them significantly by adding these elements. Be sure you have content that speaks to your prospects’ problems; promote your webinar across all your media platforms and mention it in your other marketing campaigns; drive signups by offering exclusive giveaways, and be sure your landing page is as strong as it can be. With these elements, you should be able to measurably increase your webinars signups.



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