How Video Can Fit Into Your Existing Content Strategy

Studies show that people find video more engaging than other types of content, and people retain 95% of what they see in a video—compared to about 10% of what they read in an article. It’s a highly effective marketing medium.

If you’ve already got a solid content strategy, video can strengthen it. Adding video to an existing content strategy doesn’t have to be difficult—in fact, having an existing strategy can make everything easier.

Here are a few ideas for adding video seamlessly into an existing strategy.

Evaluate Your Current Strategy

What components are you already using in your content strategy? What platforms do your posts perform best on? Which topics get the most traction?

Adding video to existing content is a great idea—as a video can increase the popularity of an existing post, or drive sign-ups for a landing page. Some ideas for places where video could boost performance include:

• Older content that you’re planning to update
• Landing pages or webinar registration pages
• Weekly or monthly blog posts
• Social media content

Consider a Video Series

When evaluating your existing content, consider which topics get the most attention and traffic—How-tos, new product or program announcements, and other types of content.

Then, plan a series of videos around the most popular content that can go up at the same time every week or month. These don’t have to be long; in fact, sometimes it’s better if they’re short. But they do have to focus and expand on a topic that you know gets a lot of traction with your audience.

An ongoing video series can help you expand on an already-popular topic; it gives you great assets to promote across all social media platforms; and it will keep your audience coming back regularly.

Other Types of Video

Other opportunities to work video into your existing content strategy include:

• New product or program releases
• Announcements of upcoming events
• Tips and tricks
• Office bloopers
• Interviews with your team

These types of videos can be included at the top of blog posts; incorporated into a marketing campaign for a new program, product, or event; included in registration landing pages; and published as a regular feature across all your marketing channels.

Video tends to convert better than other types of content—so it’s worth it to consider how to work video into your existing strategy. If you can do it successfully, you should see more traffic, more clicks, and more conversions.

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