How to Write a Hard-Hitting Landing Page for Your Webinar

Filming an excellent webinar is a great start—but it’s not enough to get people signing up in droves. To do that, a lot of things need to be working in concert—but one of the most important elements to drive sign-ups is your landing or registration page.

This page is the one a visitor sees when they click on a link in your marketing—on social media, in one of your emails, or elsewhere in your promotions. They’ve indicated interest by clicking on that link, but now they need a little persuasion to take the next step and sign up.

That’s where your landing page design and copy comes in. We’ll walk you through what yours needs to include.

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A benefit-oriented title. What will people learn from attending this webinar—and how will it benefit them? This should go in your title. Establish clear expectations and show a concrete benefit that’s of special interest to your intended audience.

A shot and bio of your presenter. If you have an expert guest host, put up the pic and bio for them. Make sure the bio is short and targeted to the webinar audience—and highlights the skills and expertise that makes them a perfect presenter on this topic.

If you can pull out a concrete achievement they’ve had that’s benefited clients like the people attending your webinar in the past, so much the better.

Your Ultimate Selling Point. What makes you different? Why should your audience attend a webinar from you and not from one of your competitors? This is something you should always keep in mind in your copy.

Highlight more benefits. Your next three or four bullet points should pull out more things attendees will learn to do in the webinar. Once again, highlight concrete benefits.

This section doesn’t have to be long—a few short paragraphs, emphasizing significant, concrete benefits your attendees will have in their pocket when they’re done.

Testimonials. Testimonials are powerful social proof. Include quotes from past clients or customers on all the amazing things you or your expert presenter has done, or about your past webinars.

Call to action. What do you want people to do on this page? Sign up for your webinar—so ask them to. The registration form and sign-up button should be the most easily-seen element of your page design.

The CTA is high-visibility—even if it’s on the bottom of the page. According to a study by ImpactBND, about 90% of the people who read your headline will also read your CTA.

No navigation to anywhere else. Avoid asking your visitors to do anything else on this page—like check out some other part of your website. In fact, it’s a good idea to take away your navigation bar here. Sign-up is the only thing this page does.

Sign-up form. Your sign-up form should be very simple. Ask for name and email address, and that’s it. The more fields a person has to fill in, the more likely they’ll reconsider signing up.

Your registration page may be the most important of all the marketing pieces you develop for your webinar. Include these elements in your page design, and give your sign-ups a boost.

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