How to Look Better on Zoom Calls

If you work remotely (as many of us do in the midst of the pandemic), chances are most of your interactions with co-workers happen on a screen.

And while “how attractive do I look in the Zoom meeting” may not seem like the most high-stakes problem, it can still bring you down to see yourself not looking your best in that little square—despite your best efforts.

But this problem is fixable. Looking your best on camera is a skill, and you don’t have to start with a movie star’s good looks. Here are a few easy tips that anyone can learn.

Put Your Computer at Eye Level or Slightly Higher

Prop it up on some books if you have to.

This is an easy fix that will immediately make you look better. It will eliminate the double-chin effect you may be noticing, and stop the camera from pointing directly up your nose.

Use Front-Facing, Natural Light

The light you use matters a lot—and you don’t need a professional setup to improve your lighting. Ideally, you should place your computer in front of a window for front-facing, natural light that will make your skin brighter, your eye color stand out, and your features look more defined.

If you don’t have a window available, try positioning a lamp behind your laptop. You can buy ring lights on Amazon and in other places that are especially designed for this.

Give Your Face a Quick Scrub

Your computer camera can highlight any skin problems you have and make them look ten times worse.

If you have the makeup skills to even your skin tone before an important Zoom call, this is always a smart move. A light tinted moisturizer can work wonders, and it’s worth it to have one on hand that you’ve tried before.

But if you don’t have the right products on hand, give your face a quick scrub and then blot it with a towel before going live. Use chapstick as well if your lips are chapped.

Some video apps, like Zoom, have filters that can also even out your skin tone. You should practice with one before using it in a call.

Be Aware That You’re Being Observed

One aspect of Zoom calls is that it’s easy to zone out when you’re not the one talking. But people can see you, even if you’re not the dominant screen at the moment.

It can be tempting to look out the window, scroll on your phone, or otherwise let your attention lapse when you’re not the one talking. But bear in mind that you are still very visible. If you wouldn’t do it in an in-person meeting, don’t do it in a Zoom meeting.

You don’t have to be blessed with good genes in order to look good on Zoom calls and virtual conferences. With these fixes to your lighting, camera angles, skin, and other factors, you can improve how you look immediately.

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