How to Integrate Your Webinars With Your Sales Team to Drive Revenue

According to a study by, approximately 75% of sales and marketing pros consider webinars to be one of the most effective ways to drive lead generation.

There are lots of reasons for this. Webinars are engaging, interactive, and flexible—delivering results at all phases of the customer journey. Many companies produce them as tools for their
sales teams.

But if you’re not involving your sales team in developing and analyzing the performance of your webinars—not just deploying them—you’re leaving money on the table.

Here are several ways to involve your sales team that will supercharge your webinars.

Ask your sales team to suggest topics. Your sales pros talk to prospects every day. They know what the prospects are concerned about, what keeps them up at night, and what questions everyone is dying to have answered. If you ask them what they think you should produce a webinar on, chances are they’ll have a lot of smart suggestions.

You might think you know your customer inside and out—but it’s likely your sales team will have some knowledge to add. Using their input will help you nail down a topic people are dying to learn about and drive traffic without working harder.

Map your webinar strategy to your sales cycle. The great thing about webinars is that they work at all phases of the customer journey. There are so many options to produce top-of-funnel, informative content—from thought leadership presentations and panel discussions to in-depth intros to key topics. And further down the funnel, more in-depth webinars, regular demos, and more can help convert interested prospects to customers.

Talk to your sales team about what content would be most useful at all phases of the sales funnel—from casual interest to highly motivated potential buyers. Then produce content for all those phases.

Make sure all that data is used effectively. Another great thing about webinars is the analytics. Webinar platforms will tell you a lot about who attended, their interests, and more—and you know that everyone who attends is very interested in your key topic, or they wouldn’t have set aside the time.

Your sales team can use the data they get from your webinars to fine-tune their sales pitch and reach out personally to strongly qualified leads.

Give your sales team the tools they need. Recordings of previous webinars can be a great sales tool for your team. You can make it easier for them to leverage those tools by creating a single hub where all your company webinars exist, organized by different stages in the sales funnel.

Include documentation about the webinar’s content and goals, its target audience, any speakers involved, and the topic. Include any associated collateral like infographics, calls to action, promotional email campaigns and more.

Your sales team can help get the most out of your webinars if they’re leveraged effectively at all stages of content development and production. Use their expertise to identify sticky topics, align your webinar strategy with your sales cycle, and make sure your team has the tools they need to use your webinars effectively—and you should see an increase in sales from your webinar strategy.

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