How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Webinar

You can produce a decent webinar on your own—but you’ll get more out of it if you do it with someone else. Especially if you’re still building your audience, bringing in a partner to help you present on your topic can be a huge help in expanding your reach, building your credibility, and impressing your audience. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the right partner for your next webinar.

Look for someone with a bigger audience than you. The best part of partnering with someone else is that you get access to their audience as well as your own. As such, someone with a relatively small audience won’t bring a big benefit. You’re looking to trade up, not down—so look for someone who can offer you a bigger megaphone than the one you already have.

Look for someone with the right audience. There’s a caveat to the above, however. If the partner has a big audience but it isn’t the right audience, then the partnership won’t be very useful. Look for someone who speaks to the same audience you do—the right demographics, buyers, income level, and other factors. Be strategic in choosing someone who can put you in front of the right customers.

Look for someone your audience wants to hear from. Who’s well known in your industry? What name would be a big draw to the people who buy from you? If you can get someone with name recognition, your webinar is sure to make a splash. Don’t be afraid to approach more well-known industry leaders—the payoff can be worth it.

Look for someone who seems excited. Finally, choosing the right partner often means choosing someone who is 100% on board with the idea. Look for someone who seems excited to be involved. This person is likely to promote more passionately, contribute better ideas, and be more involved.

Choosing the right partner for your next webinar can make a huge difference in how it is received. Look for someone who has a bigger following than you—the idea is to trade up. More importantly, however, look for someone with the right following; if their audience isn’t your audience, it won’t benefit you to get in front of them. If you can, try to get someone with name recognition in your industry. And finally, watch for excitement—a partner who’s thrilled to be part of your webinar will be solid gold.


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