Four Tips for Making Money with Webinars

Webinars can be extremely effective sales tools. And we’re not just talking down the road, indirectly, as you build up your reputation. True, webinars are supposed to be more about educating your audience and providing valuable content than outright selling—but you can make money with each webinar release. Here’s how.

Know your sales funnel. And know what part your webinar plays in it. The webinar is usually a top-of-the-funnel sales tool—it’s there to attract qualified buyers who may not know about you yet, but know they have an interest in the topic you’re discussing. This is why overt sales is often a bad idea in webinars—your viewers aren’t at that point yet.

But they will be. Think about what action you want your ideal viewer to take after seeing the webinar. Is it buying your book? Hiring you for a service? Be ready with links to your book on Amazon, a “contact me” link to initiate a sales call, a landing page that promotes the product you’re selling, or whatever the next step is. Make your call to action clear and visible, during or after the webinar, so people know what action to take next.

And be sure that while you’re filming your webinars, you’re also producing all the other deliverables in your sales funnel and integrating them to draw webinar participants further down the path to buying.

Work your list. Free webinars are an outstanding way to build a marketing list. They pre-qualify your audience, because only people very interested in your topic are going to take the time to watch a webinar about it. And that brings us to another point—make sure the topic you choose automatically attracts the kind of people who need what you sell.

Sell your products. It’s true that overt sales are frowned upon in most webinars—and you shouldn’t make your webinar into an infomercial. But sometimes, mentioning your product or service is necessary. Make it relevant to the conversation and the topic, or leave it till the end—when you’ve earned the participants’ trust.

Offer a discount. One great way to drum up sales is to offer a special discount just to your webinar participants. Even better, make it a limited-time offer so they feel some urgency to claim the discount. That way, you can give yourself a bump in income shortly after every webinar.  Send out an email after the webinar with the discount code.

Not every webinar pays off—but yours could. Develop every webinar with an eye to your sales strategy. Know how it fits in the funnel, and be sure your call to action is clear and obvious. Offer special, time-limited discounts before or after your webinars. And you can even promote your product or service during the webinar—as long as you’re careful. Follow these tips, and your webinars are more likely to pay off.

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