Four Big Webinar Mistakes That Are All Too Common in 2020


Webinars can be a highly effective tool for reaching out to your target audience.
According to, about 73% of sales and marketing pros attest to their
effectiveness in lead generation.

But today’s market for webinars is a little more saturated than it used to be, and you
have to be on your game to stand out. Here are four webinar mistakes that could be
holding your webinars back.

1. Not Doing a Test Run
Things go wrong on the big day. Your technology has a glitch, someone’s microphone
isn’t working, your graphics take forever to load. You can’t prevent everything, but you
can set the stage for a much smoother webinar by doing a test run and fixing any
technical issues that come up before the big day.

In addition, doing a test run can help you see how you look on camera. If needed, you
can make changes to lighting, wardrobe, and other factors that will make you look
better and feel more confident on camera the day of the webinar.

2. Not Paying Attention to Sound
Sound is just as important as visuals when it comes to a well-run webinar, and you may
need more than your computer’s built-in microphone to sound good.

A lot can affect your sound while you’re recording a webinar, from the acoustics in the
room to the pitch of your voice and ambient sound, such as traffic outside or sounds
that carry from thin office walls.

3. Not Planning Your Marketing Carefully
In the weeks leading up to your webinar, you’ll need to promote it heavily. This
promotion should be carefully planned – your social media platforms, email marketing
lists and website can all be great places to publicize. Plan a marketing campaign that
generates excitement and sign-ups, and be sure to time it carefully.

4. Falling Down on the Follow-Up
For many business owners, the whole point of running a webinar is generating qualified
leads. It’s crucial to have a plan for follow-up after the webinar, and to systematically
nurture those connections later.

It can be helpful to build a reason to get in touch into your webinar. For instance, you
could make an exclusive offer to webinar attendees, get in touch afterward to deliver it,
and take the sales conversation from there.

Webinars can make an outstanding difference in your lead generation efforts. But with
all the time it takes to develop a webinar, it’s crucial to do it right. Always do a test run
to make sure you look good on camera, test your sound, and resolve any technical
glitches that may come up. Plan your outreach carefully, and your follow-up just as
carefully. And hopefully, you’ll see great results with your next webinar.

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You Don’t Have to
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We offer a FREE consultation and demo! Get in touch.
We’ll take care of the rest.