Festive Zoom Holiday Ideas

Like a lot of other people this holiday season, chances are you’re considering taking your annual holiday bash virtual. Virtual holidays are a break from tradition, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be festive and fun. Here are a few ideas for celebrating remotely with your family and friends.

Decorate Together

If decorating together is a tradition in your family, why not bring that to your Zoom party? Set a time where everyone gets together on Zoom and puts up their holiday decorations—trees, lights, stockings, everything. Make it fun with a shared recipe for a holiday cocktail and a shared playlist (see below).

Bake Together

Baking cookies together is another common holiday tradition. Why not incorporate that into your Zoom call? Set up your computer or tablet in your kitchen (out of the way of cooking activity, but close enough so you can chat and hear other people while you work). Bake your favorite cookies while talking and having fun.

Create A Common Playlist

Leading up to your event, create a holiday playlist on a platform like Spotify or Pandora. Keep it open to allow everyone on your invite list to add their own favorites. You can keep the music on in the background, or incorporate the music more by playing a version of holiday Karaoke or starting a holiday dance party.

Host A Holiday-Themed Reading

What’s your favorite holiday-themed poem or story? Host a party where everyone brings one of their favorites for a dramatic reading—such as T’was the Night Before Christmas, a Christmas Carol, or The Polar Express. Pair with a shared recipe for Christmas cocoa, festive holiday cocktails or snacks.

Create A Slide Show

Part of the holiday tradition for many people includes sending postcards that sum up the year. Why not do that for the group by compiling a fun holiday slide show?

Ask your loved ones to send over pictures from the year of memories they want to share. These could be heartwarming and positive memories, or funnier frustrations with our new reality—depending on the right tone for this group of people.

You can incorporate all the submissions into a video or slideshow, and share your screen so everyone can watch it together.

Watch A Movie Together

Apps like Kast let you watch movies with your friends, either by sharing your screen or watching directly from the platform. Host a viewing party for one of your favorite holiday-themed movies.

The holidays will be different this year than they’ve been in years past. But that doesn’t mean they can’t embody the same spirit of togetherness and love. Even if you’re apart from your loved ones this season, you can still bring everyone together online for some safe and festive holiday fun.

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