5 Holiday Webinar Ideas to Build Your Audience

Holiday Webinar

Webinars are a great way to promote your business and services. According to one study, approximately 73% of B2B marketers say
they’re the best way to build a list of highly qualified leads.

During the holidays, there’s an uptick in online shopping as people buy gifts for loved
ones—and sometimes themselves. But one thing that slows down a bit over the holidays?

There are good reasons why webinar production takes a downturn over the holidays.
Many webinar producers are entrepreneurs who wear many hats—and things can get very
busy over the holidays. There’s also the perception that audiences will be distracted
during this time—and they’ll get less return on their investment.

But producing a webinar over the holidays can be a great way to stand out—since your
competition is down a bit. Here are a few ideas for producing holiday-appropriate
webinars that grab attention.

Make it New Year-themed. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on all you
accomplished in the past year—and make plans for the coming year. Why not do that
together with your audience?

Create a New Year-themed goal-setting workshop that’s unique to your business. Walk
your audience through it, talk about your goals, and invite them into your process.
Getting a sense of your attendees’ goals will help you develop a content strategy for the
coming year as well.

Don’t be afraid to be festive. Even if you’re running a non-holiday-themed webinar
during this time, it’s okay to bring in a few holiday touches.

Play some holiday music during your intro or outro. Include holiday-themed imagery in
your slides. Maybe break out your most festive holiday sweater—why not? It’s a great
time to loosen up and have a little fun—even if your industry is formal.

Focus on a different audience. Maybe most of the audience you’d ordinarily try to reach
is out of the office for the holidays—but what about the people who aren’t? Who are
those people—and what are their needs?

If you focus your content on the specific needs of a segment of your audience more likely
to be working over the holidays, you may draw a smaller audience—but it will likely be a
very engaged one.

Bring in the holiday spirit. The holidays are all about giving. What can you do to
incorporate that spirit into your webinar? Maybe encourage your attendees to make a
contribution to a charity that’s relevant to your work. Or run a holiday-themed giveaway
during the webinar.

Find a way to incorporate generosity into your presentation, and you’ll make a positive

Make it a party. There are all kinds of creative ways to make your webinar not so much
a webinar as a party. Holiday-themed wine tastings, virtual lunch-and-learns, happy
hours, and more are all possible to do remotely now—so why not throw a holiday party?

There’s no reason to slow down your webinar plans just because the holidays are coming
up. Assume a smaller audience—but possibly a more engaged, interested one. Don’t
hesitate to incorporate a holiday theme, or focus on the type of audience that’s more
likely to watch a webinar over the holidays.

With a little creativity, your holiday season shouldn’t be a slow one.

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