4 Ways Wholesale Insurance Brokers Use Webinars to Showcase Their Products

A webinar is an online seminar, where you give an educational presentation about a topic you have expertise in. This format is ideal for wholesale insurance brokers, who use this method to draw attention to a specific product they have expertise in, connect with insurance agents and brokers, and build connections. Here are a few ideas for how to make your webinar stand out.

Discuss a product you specialize in.

You can conduct a webinar for each of the insurance products you offer—what’s covered, who is best served by this type of insurance, and other important details. This will give insurance agents and brokers important information they need about coverage.

Highlight new industry developments.

Insurance is a changing industry—and there are always new laws and regulations that have major effects on the work of wholesale insurance brokers and agents. You could hold a webinar based on a new regulation that will have an effect on one of the products you have specialized expertise in—and provide guidance to insurance agents who work with that product as well.

Answer frequently asked questions.

What are the questions insurance agents ask you the most? Host a webinar going into the answers to some of those questions. Leave the video up on your website in the FAQ’s section so those who need the information can view it after the event is over.

Use your webinars in different formats.

The great thing is that once you host a webinar, you’re not necessarily done. Webinars can be repackaged, edited, and used in numerous ways. You can put them on your website, promote them on social media, or start a YouTube channel to further expand your reach.

Deciding which topic to use for your first webinar can be a challenge. But chances are, you have plenty of options already—from talking about insurance products you specialize in to answering the most typical questions you get from insurance agents. Consider some of these possibilities, and chances are you’ll be able to decide on a webinar topic that will make an impression—and highlight your expertise.

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